Condo Association Audits

Condo Association Audits

Gustavo A Viera CPA has more than 25 years of Condo Association Audits, serving condo and HOA associations since 1983. Our team of experienced HOA auditors is ready to serve you, and we offer a range of services that is absolutely unique in the industry.

Gustavo A Viera CPA is an Condo Association Audits firm are frustrating to a client requiring to pay additional premiums after a policy year has expired and there are 4 reasons why. Condo Association Audits practices is limited to the various forms of common interest developments.  This has allowed us to become very efficient in Condo Association Audits.  As HOA Auditors, we perform dozens of Condo Association Audits each year.

Our Home Owner Association auditing team is very stable, which means you get the same financial auditors back year after year. You won’t be stuck having to “break in” and “train” new staff members every year. It is also our philosophy to have the owner of the firm review every Condo Association Audits. And for the larger engagements, he also participates in the audit field work. By stripping away the administrative layers in firm, we become more efficient. This means you are getting the direct benefit of very experienced auditors.

HOA Audits and Reviews of Financial Statements

We offer traditional Condo Association Audits services, the same as many other CPA firms. Our experience with a wide variety of associations gives us the qualifications to work on virtually any type of association.

As experienced auditors we have the unique capability in today’s ever-increasing electronic environment is the ability to financial audit through the computer. We use a computer “utility” program that allows us to access and use your computer transactions, without ever disturbing any of the underlying data. With our audit program, we can then manipulate the data in any manner we desire. At times, this allows us to generate information that you are unable to retrieve from your own system. This makes us more efficient in our procedures, as we can test vast amounts of data in a relatively brief period of time.

Our audit “workpapers” are also unique. We were one of the first firms to move to a completely electronic set of financial audit workpapers. Our automated financial  audit workpaper program is built on a MS Windows platform using MS Word and MS Excel and scanned images to create all workpapers, ensuring compatibility and easy transferability of information. Again, because we perform all procedures on the computer, we have become extremely efficient.

Condo Association Audits: Taxation

Association taxation is one of the most complex areas of tax law, but we try to make it easy for you. As part of every HOA Auditors Miami review engagement, we provide you with a comparison of taxes under either the Form 1120 filing method, or the Form 1120-H filing method. See our list of books and articles published elsewhere on this site for further information on taxation, Condo Auditing Miami .