Miami Accounting: Best Practices

Miami Accounting: Best Practices

There is always the need for business people to understand and apply the principles in Miami accounting according to requirements for best practices. There is never enough guidance when it comes to billing and Tax Preparation. There are certain sensitive guidelines which are recommended in order to ensure best practices.

Miami Accounting Firm VieraCPA states that in order to have efficient revenue negotiation there is the need to produce reliable and accurate financial reports. This is because users of these reports must be satisfied to be able to trust the Accounting Services in Miami and financial institutions.

Miami Accounting Follow the Standard Formats for Reporting

Accounting Services in Miami and financial institutions must have set out Miami accounting principles based on which financial reports must be prepared. These principles and format standards are very crucial because they increase comparability within the various departments in the Accounting Services in Miami firm and other business firms as well. Sometimes there is software which is designed to ensure that the reports are produced automatically. These software applications have been produced based on standard Miami accounting principles. Therefore there is increased accuracy and dependability on the reports generated.

Miami Accounting Characteristics of a Good Quality Financial Report

A useful and accurate financial statement must comprise the following characteristics:

•Understandable and Clear: It must not be complicated and must have a clear presentation. The users of the financial statement must be able to spot the necessary information at a glance. There must be transparency because when reports are difficult to understand banks may raise a red flag.

•Significant Information: The information must be valuable and relevant to the financial or business institution. It is a best practice to make sure the report is prepared within a time period. This increases the accuracy of the report.

•Trustworthy Information: The management of a firm is responsible for the information in the financial report to be reliable. The transactions must be consistent with what the financial report displays. Being faithful is the key! It must be neutral and free of bias prepared by Accounting Services in Miami.

•Comparable: The financial report must be comparable to enable performance review over a specified period of time. The comparison is usually between companies and competitors.

Financial statements have information about assets, liabilities and taxes over the financial year. This is why there are a set of documents which play an important role in providing information for a financial statements. These documents include the following:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of retained earnings
  • Statement of change in cash balance
  • Notes to the financial statement

These documents must be up to date at all times as they can be used for references at any time of the financial year. This is why they must be accurate and authentic. The information available in these Miami accounting documents is very helpful in best practices for risk management and compliance in banks and business institutions as well. There are other reasons why a good financial report is important, for example when it comes to revenue negotiation and recognition.

Therefore, all Miami Accounting Firms must have a standard for financial reporting as a best practice to ensure success.

By Gustavo Viera

Gustavo A Viera, CPA, is the managing partner in Gustavo A Viera, PA, CPA. His experience spans more than 25 years. His public accounting experience includes a senior audit manager at PriceWaterHouseCoopers with a focus in the healthcare industry, and Chief Financial Officer of Hewlett Packard Latin America and Telefonica of Spain. Gus also writes a blog twice a week that addresses issues his clients have at He has also taught in the SBA program in Miami FL, and is admitted to practice in the State of Florida licensed Certified Public Accountant. Gus welcomes questions and he can be reached at Gustavo A Viera, PA, CPA, One Alhambra Plaza Floor PH Coral Gables FL 33134 (786) 250-4450.