Accountant in Miami Formalizes Accounting and Bookkeeping Program

Accountant in Miami Formalizes Accounting and Bookkeeping Program

Accountant in Miami has launched new tools to connect Accounting and Bookkeeping Pro’s with nearly 300,000 small business customers, in an effort to help the Accountant in Miami community grow their business, as well as that of the company.

These tools are the latest addition to Accountants Network, which currently comprises approximately 650 Accountant in Miami who help small businesses with Accounting and Bookkeeping, bookkeeping and tax preparation.

The new features of the Accountant in Miami Network include a directory of nearly 300,000 Accountant in Miami users who can now search for by location and specific area of expertise, including accounting, bookkeeping, training/consulting and tax preparation; a dedicated profile page for each Accounting Services Miami Pro; a community forum for Q&As; and free promotion for Accountant in Miami.

Our end users had been coming to us through tech support looking for a Accountant to assist them and at the same time, over the past year, we’ve been building a database of Accountingand bookkeepers who expressed interest in helping our customers. Accountants are very big influencers in helping clients decide what accounting systems they will use and for our customers that come to us through Web searches, we can now formally provide a network of Accountant in Miami that are knowledgeable about the tool and can keep them on it. For accountants, this [network] can be a significant source of new business.”