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Free Accounting Software – CPA Not Included

Free Accounting Software – CPA Not Included

As a CPA in Miami, I know small businesses love to use QuickBooks. There are versions of QuickBooks which are even free. However, like the “batteries not included” disclaimer on toys, the CPA in Miami is not included with QuickBooks. In order to make informed business decisions with accurate accounting data you should hire Gustavo A. Viera CPA.

If you own a business, then at the end of the every month you mostly face the problems which involve bookkeeping and accounting. CPA provides bookkeeping and accounting services in Miami and support and employ professional qualified CPA. Accounting Miami CPA also complies with the preparation of financial statements, tax preparation and cost reports to regulatory agencies such as AHCA preparing Medicare Cost Reports.

With the advent of the internet, it has become easy to handle the accounting and bookkeeping task in an easy and simple way. That is of course assuming you have some basic accounting knowledge.

Don’t “Fire your CPA” just yet as the old QuickBooks advertisement used to tout. QuickBooks quickly reversed its advertising strategy when business owners flooded their tech support lines with basic accounting questions and their books in shambles. Intuit, the owners of QuickBooks products, quickly came out with an “Accountants Edition” of QuickBooks which allowed the business owner to send CPA in Miami an “Accountants Copy” for review at the end of the month.


  • Forward-looking
  • Supports in the decision making process
  • Prepares timely financial statements
  • Helps small business improve control functions
  • Highly automated using the latest management information systems

 CPA in Miami firms are traditional vs. innovative. Accounting Miami is all about:

  •  Our Miami Accountants are strategic partners in your organization
  • Our Miami accounting firm assist in decision-making of the organization
  • Our Miami accounting helps you with Risk Management

CPA services are not all alike. With tough economic times, small businesses have been greatly impacted. Saving a buck is always a good idea, but not when it comes to your accounting. We have seen so many businesses get bad advice that lands them in trouble with the IRS. The number of fraudulent tax preparation Miami has also risen with “tax services in Miami” promising huge refunds. What many people don’t know is that the income tax return is prepared fraudulently and you become personally liable when you sign it. These tax services in Miami try to walk away when they get caught. But the IRS is cracking down on the owners of these services and they’re putting them in jail. I applaud the IRS’s efforts to clean up the industry.

When hiring a CPA in Miami, consider if you want traditional vs. innovative practices in your CPA?

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Business Trends

CPA Firm in Miami Takes the Stress out of Next Tax Season

CPA Firm in Miami Takes the Stress out of Next Tax Season

For CPA Firm in Miami, “crunch time” comes around every year, from February to April and then again from June to September.

As deadlines loom, CPA Firm in Miami stress spikes. The work week becomes the work month or, in fact, months. More than any other single factor, long hours and the resulting burnout often drive people out of CPA Firm in Miami. Are eight-day weeks inevitable at certain times of the year?  Is there a better way?

Yes is the answer to both questions. So long as the U.S. tax code remains some 72,536 pages long, not to mention the spiraling complexity of foreign tax codes that CPA Firm in Miami must confront, 60-, 70-, and even 80- hour work weeks are not likely to end.

At the same time, steps can be taken to ease the pain of the inevitable backlogs in early spring and late summer. It is time to put more of our practical intelligence to work to find solutions to the malady of overwork and burnout.

Today, virtually every CPA Firm in Miami relies to some degree on temporary workers in peak season. However, paying more attention to how that hiring happens can make a big difference, and the process should focus as much on when to staff up as with whom. By the month prior to busy season, temporary support should be in-house, up-to-speed on processes and procedures, software, and all the other details of working for your CPA Firm in Miami. Leaving too little time for the learning curves of your contingent staff will only cost lost time later on.

In order to ensure that the right team is in place as financial statements begin to be released and the pace of work begins to accelerate, hiring for the year should begin, in fact, the year before. For permanent staff, that should be mid-April, as soon as the filing deadline has passed, and for temporary workers, the search should begin by mid-October.

It’s imperative to also know who to hire. Discovering in March that your CPA Firm in Miami is not equipped to complete an international return could be a recipe for disaster. Companies should know what they need upfront, or work with a staffing partner who can help ask the right questions to match skills to predictable demands, because a one-size-fits-all approach to hiring rarely works.

With a team in place, the next critical step is obtaining the coin of the tax accountancy realm —information. And the best way to avoid a backlog in the preparation process is to build in time to develop or obtain that data. If you are an CPA Firm in Miami, incentivize your clients with discounts to provide materials before a certain date. If you’re filing for your company, make it a priority to collaborate with your audit team early – assess what caused backlogs the previous year, and make sure the same issues don’t cause delays again and again.

Managing peak season successfully is also about what happens throughout the rest of the year. Smart leaders know the value of sustaining their best people by treating them well—all the time. Every employee who stays for one more crunch time is one less learning curve to draw. The chance to work from home a few days a week, for example, particularly in slow season, is flexibility that generates loyalty. Time off during slow seasons also boosts productivity when it counts most. A generous vacation policy—and truly encouraging employees to take their down time—will help ensure that batteries are fully charged. Off- peak season can also be a chance to plan team building off-sites, including volunteer work in the local community, which can generate good vibes that ripple all year long.

Planning for tax season is not an exact science. There is no rule book. Amid the unpredictability of the peak season, things will fly around the room, but the intensity of work and staff morale will depend, in sum, on three fundamentals:

• When to hire temporary staff is as important as whom to hire. Have the team in place well before the New Year.

• Who you hire does matter. Match skills to expected challenges.

• Information is indispensable. Take action early to ensure that your teams have what they need to get the work done.

CPA Firm in Miami, sooner or later there will be a lot of balls in the air. Whether a company fields them frantically—or with finesse—depends on embracing a higher level of planning.