Tax CPA Exempt From IRS Competency Test

Tax CPA Exempt From IRS Competency Test

The Internal Revenue Service today marked the third anniversary of its groundbreaking Income Tax Preparer in Miami initiative and urged those paid Tax Preparerrequired to pass a new competency test to take the test as soon as possible with the exemption of Tax CPA and Attorneys.

Three years ago the IRS took its first step toward ensuring standards for competency, continuing education and ethics would apply to all paid Income Tax CPA. Major facets of the initiative are now in place.

On June 4, 2009, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman launched a six-month review focusing on the competency and conduct of paid Tax CPA. The review resulted from a recognition that paid Tax CPA were an important element in the integrity of the nation’s tax system.  The review included a series of public hearings with the Tax CPA community, consumer advocates, oversight groups and taxpayers.

Six months later, the Tax CPA Review laid out a series of recommendations to extend oversight to certain areas of the preparer industry to enhance tax compliance and service to Taxpayers.

Among the initiative highlights:

Mandatory registration and use of a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN): Anyone who is paid to prepare, or help prepare, all or substantially all of a federal tax return now has to register with the IRS and obtain a PTIN, as do all enrolled agents. The PTIN is valid for a calendar year and must be renewed annually. Almost 850,000 tax preparers have registered since the requirement began.

Competency Test: In November 2011, a 120-question basic competency test was launched. Certain Tax CPA are required to take the test by Dec. 31, 2013, to stay in business. The IRS urges an estimated 340,000 preparers required to take the test to do so as soon as possible to give themselves more time if they have to retake the test and to avoid a potential flood of last-minute test takers. Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents and attorneys are exempt from the test because they already have other testing requirements as part of their credentials. Certain non-signing preparers supervised by Tax CPA, EAs or attorneys are exempt, as are non-1040 preparers.

Continuing Education (CE): The roughly 340,000 tax preparers who have a testing requirement also have a new requirement to complete 15 hours of continuing education courses each year. The CE credits must include 10 hours in federal Tax law, three hours in federal Tax law changes and two hours in ethics. This requirement became effective January 2012 and it applies even if the preparer has not yet taken the test. There are now hundreds of outlets offering IRS-approved CE courses. More details are available at

Ethics and Tax Compliance: Ethical requirements that previously applied only to CPAs, EAs and attorneys now apply to all paid Income Tax Preparer in Miami. All paid tax preparers also will undergo a tax compliance check and are subject to the standards for practice outlined in Treasury Department Circular 230.

Registered Income Tax Preparer: Tax Preparers who pass the competency test and tax compliance check are given a new credential: Registered Tax Income Tax Preparer. To date, over 4,800 people have become Registered Income Tax Preparer.  Beginning in 2014, only Registered Income Tax Preparer, Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and attorneys will be authorized to prepare individual Income Tax returns for compensation.

Public Database: The IRS also will create a publicly searchable database that will allow Taxpayers to see if their Tax CPA have met IRS standards or to find a Tax CPA in their zip code area. The IRS will have a public education campaign to inform taxpayers to use only Tax CPA, EAs, attorneys or Registered Income Tax Preparer in Miami if they pay to have their taxes prepared.

The database will also show any credentials held by the tax preparer, including the new RTRP credential, as well as those who are EAs, Tax CPA and attorneys.

The RTRP competency test is available at more than 260 vendor testing centers nationwide. Tax Preparers can determine if they have a test requirement by going to their online PTIN Account at Preparers also can set a test date, time and location through their online PTIN Account.


Is great customer service expected from Tax Accountants?

Tax Accountants Offer Great Service

I’ve been working with Tax Accountants for a long time, and much of that time and activity I have focused on is Tax Return Preparation. The do it yourself Tax Return Preparation Software like TurboTax is a good example of the type of service model that’s garnered a lot of attention over the past couple of years. TurboTax editions continue to be the Tax Return Preparation Software solutions of choice for new and growing small businesses, even as those businesses look to leverage the cloud for remote and mobile access to business information. But nothing beats a Tax Accountants whose services vary tremendously from Tax Accountants to Tax Accountants. A Tax Accountants professional will know hoe to best service his client over any tax software.

At the surface, most of the Tax Accountants services available today look pretty much alike. In concept, they are, but in reality the knowledge each Tax Accountant Miami elects to deploy makes a big difference in the experience of user. Some Tax Accountants require a lot experienced Tax CPA’s to make the service work, and some Taxes Services have constructed their own “black box” technology to make the delivery possible like H&R Block. The result is a wide variety of service models and delivery approaches, some of which may perform better or offer more functionality than others. But these details are often difficult to discern when evaluating the various Tax Return Preparation services, so most folks simply resort to pricing comparisons. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the best way to measure the quality of the Tax Accountants or the Tax Services. There’s still some truth to the old adage that “you get what you pay for”, even when a Tax Accountants has become commoditized in the market. On the other hand, just because a Tax Service is more expensive doesn’t mean it is better.

It is often difficult to get prospective customers to see or understand the technical nuances of any given Tax Return Preparation Service, so many Tax Accountants are trying to find other ways to set themselves apart from the competition. One approach that’s become quite popular is to tout the availability and quality of the customer service offered by the provider. While I do believe that quality customer service should be available for clients at all times, I also recognize a bit of a problem with this marketing approach.

You know those car commercials on TV, where the sales person is telling the customer about how great the warranty on the vehicle is? Yeah – the one where the customer wants to know if they should buy a good car, or buy a car with a good warranty. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

When you’re looking for a Tax Accountants service provider to deliver quality Tax Services, remember that great customer service is only part of the puzzle. The best solution is to find a Tax Accountant Miami that just works for you, and doesn’t leave you needing a lot of support.

Are you on a first name basis with your Tax Accountants support team? You might want to think about why that is.

Make sense?