Childcare Credit

Childcare Credit, Other Credits

Top Frequently Asked Questions for Childcare Credit, Other Credits

  1. How do I complete Form 2441 if I have a dependent care flexible spending account?
  2. My babysitter refused to provide me with her social security number. Can I still claim the amount I paid to the babysitter for child care while I worked? If so, how do I claim these child care expenses on my tax return?
  3. Can I claim both the child tax credit and the child and dependent care credit?
  4. Can I claim the credit for the elderly or the permanently and totally disabled?
  5. What expenses qualify for an education credit?
  6. Do tuition and related expenses paid to attend a private high school qualify for an education credit?
  7. If I pay college tuition and fees with a tax-free scholarship, can I claim an education credit on Form 8863 for those payments?
  8. Who can claim the Hope Credit or the American Opportunity Credit?
  9. What is a Lifetime Learning Credit?
  10. What is the Health Coverage Tax Credit and how can I learn more about it?

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